Romney: Iran, Then I Stopped, Then I Thought About It, Then I Acted

It behooves me to read motives into a campaign's behavior, but judging by Mitt Romney's clarifying op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about his lawyer consultations and the blunt language of a new ad the campaign is airing in Iowa today, it seems as the Romney campaign wants to make an extra-special effort to ensure that voters aren't reminded of his answer at Monday's debate.

A Romney aide tells me that the ad was in the can before the debate.

And another e-mails:

A very key part of the ad that the press has not paid too much attention to is the need for terrorist surveillance. In August, Hillary and Obama bragged about opposing the FISA bill (at the Kos convention if I recall correctly). Now the Democrats in the House this weak moved to weaken FISA and the Governor was the first (and perhaps only??) candidate out highlighting the House’s position and he also addressed the issue back in the September debate when a surveillance question was asked. When terrorists call the USA a Romney Administration is going to be listening.