RNC Chairman's Race... In The Event Of A Loss

One sign of the malaise within the Republican Party: insiders are already positioning themselves to run for chairman of the party when the current Mike Duncan era ends in 2009.

So far, only one would-be chair has expressed interest publicly: South Carolina's charismatic state party chairman, Katon Dawson. But Dawson's rivals contend that his decision to muse about his intentions was a mistake; the chair is not a position one actively runs for. katon_1.jpg

But party activists are talking about two other names as well. One is Florida's chairman, James Greer, a former Oviedo, FL city council member.


The other is current party general counsel Blake Hall, an RNC naitonal committeeman from Idaho who has held almost every major party office. Blake-Hall-ID.jpg

And what of Saul Anuzis, the outspoken, high-profile chairman of the Michigan Republican Party?

"I'm going to support our nominee's choice for chairman," he said.