The Washington Post's website has put together what's got to be the most comprehensive list of campaign foreign policy advisers anywhere. Hillary Clinton has what's clearly the most impressive list in terms of scope and quality of resumés. Barack Obama, as I believe I've said before, has the group of people I'm most likely to be in substantive agreement with. Judgment versus experience, so to speak.

On the Republican side, John McCain's list probably contains the greatest quantity of frightening crazy people. Rudy Giuliani's list, on the other hand, is completely untempered with the inclusion of any big-name non-crazy people, whereas McCain at least leavens the Kagan/Kristol/Woolsey axis with some Armitage/Eagleburger/Scowcroft counterweights. Basically, if McCain becomes president, we're probably doomed, but if Giuliani becomes president we're definitely doomed. Romney and Edwards are both a little short on big-name people, though I've warmed up to Edwards' foreign policy and his foreign policy team considerably over the past few months. Team Romney includes Dan Senor who you may remember as the CPA's top spokesman from the early days of the Bremer Raj in Iraq, and I find the idea of him back in a position of responsibility to be fairly disturbing.