Via GFR, the HuffPo does us an excellent service and gives us a gender breakdown for presidential campaign staff. Hillary Clinton leads the pack in terms of women in senior positions, and is essentially tied with Mike Huckabee in terms of mid-level positions. Rudy Giuliani, who's entire political persona is machismo, comes in dead last — he has as many child molester priests at his consulting firm than women in senior campaign positions.

As Garance says, these figures can probably "be viewed as proxies for what their administrations would look like" at least as far as White House staff. Indeed, my bet is that one of the most important legacies of a Hillary Clinton administration would be bequeathing to the Democratic Party a network of powerful plugged-in insiders that winds up containing substantially more women in senior roles than we have right now, along with perhaps a higher number of men comfortable working with power female colleagues and superiors. iven that the party's voting base is composed mostly of women, this is a transformation that's going to have to be made sooner or later, and the progressive coalition will definitely be stronger once it's done.