Obama Raises $19M For The Primary

From the Obama campaign:

CHICAGO, IL -- Obama for America today announced another quarter of record-breaking grassroots support. In the third quarter, more than 93,000 donors gave the campaign at least $19 million in primary dollars alone, for a total of at least $20 million including general election funds.

"With over 350,000 donors and more than a half a million donations, Americans hungry for change know that Barack Obama is the candidate with the right experience to make that change happen," said Penny Pritzker, Obama for America National Finance Chair. "Thanks to this unprecedented grassroots support, the Obama campaign will have the resources we need to win the nomination and the White House.”

“Many in Washington have spent the last weeks declaring that outcome of this race to be pre-ordained, and the primary process a mere formality,” said Obama for America Campaign Manager David Plouffe. “Yet, in this quarter alone, 93,000 more Americans joined our campaign, because they desire real change and believe Barack Obama is the one candidate who can deliver it. This grassroots movement for change will not be deterred by Washington conventional wisdom because in many ways it is built to challenge it.”

Third quarter totals:

• Primary dollars raised: at least $19 million

• Overall dollars raised (with general election): at least $20 million

• Number of new donors: over 93,000

Total 2007

• Primary dollars raised: at least $74.9 million

• Total number of donors: 352,000