Money Well Spent?


The clearest sign you could ask for that Democrats are overwhelmingly favored to win in 2008 is this graphic which appeared in yesterday's New York Times showing all segments of the health care industry now favoring Democrats with their campaign contributions even though Democrats are all promising tough new regulations that would seem to ill-serve the industry's interests.

The question of course arises of what these firms are buying for their trouble. It's something I'd like to see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both address. I don't think there's any sense in asking them (or anyone else) to disavow accepting contributions from this sector of the economy (it's giant, after all, and "health professionals" and hospital administrators can be donating out of a complicated mix of interests) but as long as we're in the phase of the political process where these people are supposed to be "pandering" to the Dread Base, I'd like to see us, the voting public, wring a bit more out of them in terms of rhetorical bridge-burning.