Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg: The Republicans

For pro-life conservatives, the battle is joined. Per the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg numbers, efforts to raise the profile of the issue and draw attention to Rudy Giuliani's pro-choice credentials seem to be resonating among conservative voters.

Giuliani still sports a double-digit lead over Fred Thompson, but his support is soft, the party seems confused, and Republicans seem to be growing more anxious about his moral issue liberalism.

34% of those surveyed agreed that social conservatives would be within their rights to run a third party candidate if the GOP nominated a candidate who supported abortion rights and gay rights. Paradoxically, a quarter of that 34% say they support Giuliani today.

Abortion is a bigger issue than gay rights; less than half of Republican oppose civil unions (although most oppose gay marriage).

Fred Thompson's support among "white fundamentalists" seems to be growing; that's the only discernable category in which he leads Giuliani, who still retains the support of pluralities of Republican Catholics and self-defined members of the "Religious Right."

Giuliani is much stronger among men than he is among women -- he recieved 36% of the male vote in this sample and 27% of the women's vote.