Journalism in my Newspaper!

Brendan Nyhan: "If you're not already, you need to read McClatchy's DC news reporting. It's the only place you'll find clear fact-checking like this analysis of the debate over the SCHIP bill that President Bush just vetoed." Indeed:

President Bush claims that the bipartisan bill to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program "would result in taking a program meant to help poor children and turning it into one that covers children in households with incomes up to $83,000 a year."

That's not true. [...]

The president also claims that the proposal would cause some families to drop private coverage and enroll their children in the cheaper SCHIP program.

That's true.

And so forth. It's fairly staggering that the very same president who's so restrained with his spending that he can't sign SCHIP expansion signed the 2003 Medicare reform bill.