I understand that conservatives are eager for a win, and Bobby Jindal's election as governor of Louisiana is a win. What's more, the Louisiana Democrats are no prize pigs, so it's quite possibly even a deserved win. Still, a lot of the crowing from the right seems a bit odd in light of the fact that everyone knows the Louisiana GOP's electoral fortunes have been substantially boosted by demographic changes caused by the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent failure to rebuild/resettle the displaced people.

Given the large role that the administration's horrifying mishandling of the destruction of a major American city played in the unraveling of Republican popularity, you might expect a little bit more introspection as to how this all came about. I will say, though, that unlike the Ogonowski special election, there very possibly are some broader implications to this result if only because it shows how Louisiana may be a bright spot in the 2008 Senate races as well.