Iowa's All Set For The Third



1. Will the average level of caucus-goer interest be greater because more folks are at home and not working? Or lower, because they're at home and watching college football, hanging out with their family, not working, etc.

2. Will this help or hurt the Obama campaign's registration efforts targeted at 17-year-olds? Where will their college student supporters be? At home? Nearby their college? Elsewhere? How does that help or hurt caucus math?

3. Will the race be frozen, in essence, by Christmas? Can any candidate on either side generate momentum from a standing start between December 24 and January 3?

4. Will there be enough television inventory for all the campaigns to advertise in December? Won't there be a heck of a lot of competition from consumer products advertising?

5. When will the major Iowa newspaper endorsements be released?

6. And finally: who will watch the Orange Bowl instead of caucusing? Which smart campaigns will rent TVs and station them at caucus sites? Is that even legal?