Home State Contributions Per Capita: Richardson's Beloved

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has raised $4,932,067 from New Mexicans since December of 2006, which amounts to $2.52 per head.

That's more home-state love than any other presidential candidate.

One other interesting fact: after retired folk, the largest plurality of Richardson's donors work for him -- they are New Mexico state employees. Through the third quarter, he recieved donations from 363 of them for a total of $278,230. (Here's a link to info through the second quarter; the above tally includes the third quarter).

How does Richardson compare to the rest of the field?

Hillary Clinton has raised $16,900,669 from New Yorkers -- that's 88 cents per capita.

Mitt Romney (Massachusetts): 57 cents
($3,651,153 divided by 6,437,193 people)

Obama (Illinois): 52 cents
($6,696,230 divided by 12,831,970 people)

Giuliani (New York): 50 cents
($9,657,139 divided by 19,306,183 people)

Thompson (Tennessee): 42 cents
($2,536,720* divided by 6,038,803 people)
* The Times's figures include northern Mississippi with Tennessee

McCain (Arizona): 37 cents
($2,282,329 divided by 6,166,318 people)

Edwards (North Carolina): 23 cents
($2,061,289 divided by 8,856,505 people)

** Thanks, New York Times, for some of the data.