Hillary's Vice Presidential Criteria

Aside from Bill Clinton, there is probably no person in the world who has a better handle on who Hillary Clinton might ask to join her ticket than Patti Solis Doyle, her campaign manager and senior-most adviser.

Solis Doyle spoke Tuesday night to students at George Washington University, one of whom asked her about what qualities Hillary would look for in a vice president.

Patti replied that it was too soon for her to have talked about that with Hillary. But she then said that knowing Hillary for 16 years, Hillary would pick a vice president that could be ready to be president if she became incapicitated.

It's easy to read too much into that, but there are some potential candidates who clearly aren't qualified, in Clinton's opinion, to be ready from day one.

Here's what else I found interesting:

She got a few questions about the Florida/Michigan primaries, the primary system in general etc. Patti said that Hillary was disappointed that she couldn't campaign in Florida and Michigan. If Hillary was fortunate enough to win the nomination, she would immediately race to Florida and Michigan and start campaigning there. It seemed very important to her, b/c she repeated the campaign's intentions of aggressively campaigning in those states when the primaries were over several times.

She could have bragged about how well she had run the campaign, but she didn't. She made it clear SEVERAL times throughout the speech that Hillary's nomination was not a given.