Good News for Bobcats Fans


I'd been a little unsure what to think of the Charlotte Bobcats' prospects. It seemed to me that they could, in principle, be a playoff team in the weak east. In practice, though, this is a team that appeared determined to give major minutes to its worst player in order to avoid admitting that they shouldn't have drafted him. But now with Adam Morrison out for the year with a knee injury, there may be some hope for him yet. Then again, any organization that could have given Morrison thirty minutes per game last season can surely find whole new things to screw up.

Hollinger's preseason writeup for Charlotte had said of Morrison "he's either going to get better or he's not going to play, but there's no way he's going to soak up 2,000 minutes and be as abysmally bad as he was last season," but I'm really not sure why he was so optimistic that they would come to their senses had injury not forced their hand.