Florida Democrats Sue The DNC

Moments from now, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) will announce the filing of a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee challenging as "unconstitutional" the DNC's decision to "ignore" the primary process that Florida Democrats have chosen.

The lawsuit is not likely to succeed; the aggreived parties don't have much precedent to draw on. But the reason for the suit is also political: Florida Democrats want to make sure Democratic voters know that the state party is fighting for their interests.

Karen Finney, the DNC's communications director, said this about the suit: "It's disappointing that after months of trying to resolve the situation and bring Florida into compliance these two have chosen this path. This doesn't come as a surprise, Sen Nelson has been telling people that he was going to file a lawsuit for some time. As a general matter we don't comment on litigation, especially in this case where we have not even been given the courtesy of seeing the claims being made in the suit."