Edwards Implies That Clinton Is Part Of "Corrupt" DC System

On the heels of Sen. Barack Obama's latest throat-clearing interview with the New York Times, Ex-Sen. John Edwards is screaming himself hoarse.

In a speech he'll give in New Hampshire, today, Edwards implies that Hillary Clinton is part of a "corrupt" Washington system "rigged by powerful special interests."

"It is not an accident that the Government of the United States cannot function on behalf of its people - because it is no longer our people's government and we the people know it. This corruption did not begin yesterday -- and it did not even begin with George Bush - it has been building for decades - until it now threatens literally the life of our democracy."

"The long slow slide of our democracy into the corporate abyss continues unabated regardless of party, regardless of the best interests of America. We have a duty - a duty to end this. I believe you cannot be for change and take money from the lobbyists who prevent change. You cannot take on the entrenched interests in Washington if you choose to defend the broken system. It will not work. And I believe that, if Americans have a choice, any candidate who takes their money - Democrat or Republican - will lose this election."