Dueling Memos

Marc Ambinder has the dueling memos from the Obama and Clinton campaigns on Iran. The Clinton's effort to deny there's a difference between the two when they did, after all, just take different positions on the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment seems weird. Equally weird in its own way, however, is Team Obama's characterization of the difference as "once again, Senator Clinton supported giving President Bush both the benefit of the doubt and a blank check on a critical foreign policy issue. Barack Obama just has a fundamentally different view."

This is a presidential primary after all. Chris Dodd's already won my vote for Senate Majority Leader should the position come open. It seems to me that Obama needs to convince people that he would have a different, better Iran policy were he too become president and not that he has a better view of how he hypothetically would have handled Senate votes were he to have actually been in DC on the day of the vote. At the end of the day, this exchange helps Obama in my eyes, but it's kind of a glancing blow.