Class Warfare

More dispatches from the continuing conservative war on adorable children (as depicted above) as Glenn Reynolds joins with other rightwingers to sputter with rage at the idea of middle class children having health insurance. We're supposed to believe, I suppose, that whenever Instapundit isn't apologizing for torture or pimping for destructive wars that he's a dedicated activist on behalf of working class Americans and that he speaks up against the outrage of a small business owner's family getting coverage only to further his tireless crusade for the underclass. Or something.

Kevin Drum, meanwhile, thinks we should take Bush seriously when he says he wants poor children to go without health insurance because he fears that Democratic efforts to provide medicine to sick kids will push us down a slippery slope to the dystopian nightmare in which everyone enjoys a universal guarantee of access to health care. I don't really buy it, though; we started slipping down that slope decades ago with Medicare and Medicaid.

Photo by Flickr user Wurzle used under a Creative Commons license