A Day In Hillary Land

The hundreds of women who packed into the Capital Hilton yesterday experienced the full magic of Hillary Clinton's extended political orbit. Reporters weren't allowed in except for a brief interlude when Clinton herself spoke, which is a shame, because a copy of the agenda, obtained by this column from a friendly Clinton donor, is a testament to, well, something about the presidential race.

The day began with Denyce Graves singing the national anthem. Rev. Marcia Dyson gave the invocation.

Terry McAuliffe and Clinton's finance director, Jonathan Mantz, provided an update on the state of the campaign's bottom line. (Short version: it's peachy).

Before politics, there were issues: former Clinton chief of staff Maggie Williams moderated a panel of heavyweights: former Amb. Richard Holbrooke, Ret. Gen. Claudia Kennedy and Rep. Jane Harman, Gene Sperling, Laura Tyson, Neera Tanden, Hilda Solis, Tammy Baldwin. After an "inspiration" break from author, actress and activist Victoria Rowell, the fun stuff: a panel with Cheryl Mills, Patti Solis Doyle, Minyon Moore, Mark Penn, Mandy Grunwald, Teresa Vilmain and Karen Hicks. (Presumably, Penn joined the roster of women because his wife, Nancy Jacobson, organized the day. Or -- he's the chief strategist.)

Then came Hillary Clinton herself. Then came an inspirational panel with writer and therapist Susan Magee called "Making History: Electing The Future Woman President."

Then the Call to Action ... after "inspiration" from Billie Jean King, "sports legend and social activist." Democratic financiers -- Beth Dozorets and Susie Buell joined with Democratic field operatives -- Vilmain and Clay Haynes.

Then the summit ended.