"There Are Some"

Sen. Barack Obama's global energy initiative drops today, and there are plenty of interesting components, including a nationwide emissions cap and trade regime.

By way of soundbites, Obama intends to say this:

“There are some in this race who actually make the argument that the more time you spend immersed in the broken politics of Washington, the more likely you are to change it. I always find this a little amusing. I know that change makes for good campaign rhetoric, but when these same people had the chance to actually make it happen, they didn’t lead. When they had the chance to stand up and require automakers to raise their fuel standards, they refused. When they had multiple chances to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by investing in renewable fuels that we can literally grow right here in America, they said no.”

Another "there are some" comparison. Now, the cognoscienti understands this to be a reference to Mrs. Hillary, but even those Democratic Primary voters who get that he is making a point have no context to understand what the point is.