Retired Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez is shrill:

The U.S. mission in Iraq is a "nightmare with no end in sight" because of political misjudgments after the fall of Saddam Hussein that continue today, a former chief of U.S.-led forces said Friday. [...]

Sanchez avoided singling out at any specific official. But he did criticize the State Department, the National Security Council, Congress and the senior military leadership during what appeared to be a broad indictment of White House policies and a lack of leadership to oppose them.

Obviously, there's something self-severing about this "blame everyone but the commanding general" approach to the situation. Still, it's very telling that a person in Sanchez's position has decided that the self-serving thing to do is to explain why the disaster is someone else's fault rather than sticking with the right-wing orthodoxy that it's actually all fine and everyone would know it if only the liberal media would report some of the good news.

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