Thompson Arrives In Des Moines @ 12:15 ET And Announces


Aboard a BAE 125-800A. He departed Burbank at 6:17 pm local time.

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"I was a teen aged husband"

"I had dinner on the factory floor..."

.....bobble head...

"Part time film career."

"Won two elections by a 20 point margin in a state President Clinton won twice."

.....bobble head....

"Common sense conservative principles."

[To Republicans]: "You don't want to have to come back from another Clinton victory."

"Success will depend upon the determination of the American people. That's why we'll win."

"Schools continue to fail our children and endanger our future competitiveness."

"Someone has to decided what costs are worth the money. It can be the government, the insurance company, or you. I think it's best for you to decide what's best for you and your family."

"Market-driven" [health care]

School choice

"when our leaders come together as adults"