The Rest Of The Stories, 9/28

Looks like Newt Gingrich is going to give it a go: he wants Americans to raise for him $30M by Oct. 21 and then he'll reward them by running for president!

Thanks! Rudy's too liberal for Republicans in California...according to former LA mayor Richard Riordan, who endorsed, uh, Rudy, today.

Dan Gilgoff suggests we might want to check out Beliefnet’s exclusive video of John McCain, in which he says the "Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation ," that he's in talks with his pastor about undergoing a full-immersion baptism to become a full-blown evangelical, and that the prospect a Muslim presidential candidate makes him uncomfortabl

Hillary Clinton endorses the stakeholder society concept: baby bonds, $5000 worth, to every new tiny American. That's $20B per year. And veteran Hillary watcher Pat Healy explains that laugh.

Provocative comments from John Edwards about the destiny of African American men.

Some more primary calendar tea leaves.

Ben Smith writes on a snippy strategy session with Mark Penn and Alex Castellanos.

Mike Huckabee's "Path and Priorities in the War On Terrorism" speech can be seen here.

Michael Crowley on Obama:

[The] fate of his campaign hinges on his internal monologue. Can he accept running a campaign that doesn't match his high-minded ideals--one that may come down to attack ads and a gritty Iowa ground game? And will he understand that people are trying to get him "fired up" because they're worried he hasn't done it on his own?