The Rest Of The Stories, 9/26

Rudy Giuliani fires his deputy campaign finance director, Anne Dunsmore, a few days before the end of the quarter. That suggests he'll lag behind ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney in fundraising. It also reflects the fact that Giuliani still has no natural fundraising base and never developed one.

Sen. Larry Craig will not resign on 9/30.

As we first reported last week, John McCain will launch his first television and radio ad blitz... in New Hampshire.

Will Newt run? Watch Rich Galen. He's a senior adviser to Fred Thompson. He is also one of Newt Gingrich's closest friends. It's probably true that Galen would not have signed on with Fred Thompson had he expected Gingrich to run.

Fred Thompson plans a three-day swing through Iowa next week.

It's better to be hated than liked, especially when you start a presidential campaign, Chuck Todd writes.