The Rest Of The Stories, 9/25

Gov. Mike Huckabee's Vertical Day brought 35,000 eyeballs to his campaign website and a nice amount of late-in-the-quarter donations too. Huckabee's fundraising totals won't pop those eyes, but the campaign says it's happy with its 3rd quarter tallies. They wouldn't, however, give me a preview of the actual numbers.

This feud between the Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land and Focus on the Family's James Dobson is about a lot more than a spat over Fred Thompson.

ABC's Jake Tapper gets
J.C. Watts to call Republicans "stupid" for skipping the Tavis Smiley debate... er, the "black" debate.

Fred Thompson claimed 12 legislative endorsements in South Carolina today, in addition to the already-endorsed Rep. Gresham Barrett. Thompson appears on Sean Hannity today. But shouldn't Thompson be in South Carolina to collect the endorsements? Some anonymous ne'er-do-well is attacking Thompson again.

The RNC purchased banner ads on 39 New Hampshire and national political websites in advance of Wednesday night's Democratic debate. Here, you can play a make-fun-of-the-Democrats game. The banner ad shows only two Dems: Clinton and Obama. Are they not a-feared of Edwards?

Rudy Giuliani picked up the endorsement of former Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan. Illinois is (a) 2/5 state and a general election state the Giuliani campaign thinks they can put in play.

Apparently, poststructuralists at Columbia agree: there aren't any gays in Iran.

The Supreme Court agreed to take a challenge to an Indiana voter photo identification law. They'll decide in time for 2008 -- in theory.