Saudi Arabia's presentation was pretty hilarious. Their delegate, whose name I didn't catch, starts off by saying all the usual stuff about the need for urgent action and the need to be guided by a principle of division of responsibility, wherein we understand that the poorer countries have done very little to contribute to this problem and shouldn't be expected to bear the burden of fixing it. Saudi Arabia "looks forward to beginning negotiations" on these topics.

But then comes the pivot!

We need to also abide by "the principle of non-bias against specific goods in addressing climate change" and Saudi Arabia must object to the "selective nature of some policies and measures." Specifically, "market interventions are being made with a view to impacting the relative costs of energy sources" which is outrageous. He actually managed to keep talking in this vein without saying the word "oil." I'm told that at the same time Evo Morales was saying that "capitalism is the greatest enemy of humanity."