The End of Straight Culture

The Redskins are on Monday Night Football tomorrow night, so some friends and I are planning on going to a bar to hang out and watch the game. The logical candidate would seem to be Nellie's, a newish sports bar that just opened up this summer. Nellie's is, however, not just a sports bar, but a gay sports bar.

Now, all else being equal, I guess my inclination would be to avoid the local gay sports bar and head for the local conventional sports bar, except . . . Nellie's is the only sports bar in the neighborhood. So what I'm wondering is what does one do under the circumstances to keep the gay sports bar gay? After all, breeders like sports, too, and it (a) sounds like a great place to watch a game and (b) has a"somewhat remote location from the vortex of DC's urban gay culture" so isn't going to just turn into a heterosexual sports bar?