The Clinton Plan

Here it is in brief. You've got your individual mandate, you've got your pay-or-play for larger employers, you've got your subsidies, you've got your community rating, you've got your "choices offered in the Menu will provide benefits at least as good as the typical plan offered to Members of Congress," etc.

My record of political prognostication is terrible, but given that Clinton already has a sizable lead and that what Team Obama is telling Marc Ambinder doesn't sound very convincing, I feel like Clinton is drawing close to checkmating her opponents. I'll have to wait and see what more expertish people have to say about this proposal, but it certainly has the look and feel of a decently ambitious proposal (indeed, probably too ambitious to be enacted, but we'll have to see how the Senate looks after the election) in a way that really undercuts some of the main arguments that have been made (including by me) against her.