Some Clark Supporters Are Annoyed At His Clinton Endorsement

Ret. Gen. Wes Clark writes to his WesPac flock about his decision to endorse Sen. Hillary Clinton:

As should have been expected, the range of reactions to his announcement has been as wide as the range in types of supporters he has pulled together over the years. Because, this has turned into a major issue for so many within the Clark Community Network, I want to take this time to remind everyone of WesPAC's Mission Statement. It's a lot more comprehensive than simply taking back the White House.


A few days later, he wrote this:

I know many of you aren't willing to throw your full support behind Hillary yet – and I understand that too. I know that each of you have to make your own decisions about who to support in the primary, though I hope many of you will join me in supporting Hillary by the time all is said and done.

The Clarkers seem pretty mad at the boss.

Nocore writes: I've spent over 4 years advocating for Wes with great passion. I've spent longer than that advocating against Hillary with great passion.

Arlene in Florida spoke for many:

I adore General Clark even though I do not post on the blog. While at work, I looked at MSNBC and read that our hero is endorsing Hillary. General, I support you 150%. That being said, I as a Dem cannot stomach Hillary.