Risky Business

Tom Schaller ponders John Edwards:

Edwards, IMHO, enters a crucial period between now and Halloween. He somehow needs to shake things up. He should take some chances -- —perhaps a junket to Afghanistan to remind Americans about our abandoned efforts there and that what’s-his-name who masterminded the September 11 attacks, or he might pair up now with a vice presidential running mate to earn some free media. There'’s not room in the Democratic primary for two Hillary-alternative candidates, and if Edwards wants to steal that mantle from the far better funded Barack Obama, now'’s the time for him bust some moves.

Honestly, this doesn't seem like brain surgery to me -- the chance-taking, things-shaking-upping position to take would be to join Bill Richardson in calling for a real withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. The fact that none of the main three candidates have engaged with each other on the Iraq issue and, instead, all seem to have combined to prevent efforts by Biden (from the right) and Richardson (from the left) to make this a big deal seems pretty weird to me.