More Libertarians Needed

Nick Confessore and Sarah Kershaw report on fraud in New York State's largely unregulated home health care industry. I don't know anything about that subject except what I read in their article, so you might as well read it rather than pay attention to me. This did, however, kind of leap out:

“To make someone else’s home fabulous, you need a license and your name goes in a state registry,” said Jeffrey Lerner, a spokesman for the state attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo. “But to care for someone in their home who is old and infirm, there is no central registry.”

Doesn't it seem like at least half the problem here is that you need a license to be an interior decorator? In general, the amount of seemingly unnecessary small business regulation on a state and local level is fairly mind-boggling and one suspects that 70 percent or so of it is totally unnecessary and only serves the interests of incumbent operators looking to throw roadblocks in the path of potential competition.