Mod Your iPhone

It's come to my attention recently that some iPhone owners still don't know how to install third-party software on their phones. That is, perhaps, reasonable since the earliest methods developed were quite complicated and not necessarily appropriate for the faint of heart. These days, though, it's very simple. Basically, you need to download the beta from Nullriver Software's website and follow the instructions for installing it on your phone. With that done, the Installer's icon will appear on your phone's Springboard, and it will allow you to install (and, as necessary, update) the other programs that are available.

The software offerings thus far are a little limited and not all of the programs work very well. But progress is being made rapidly. There are a couple of neat games, the Apollo IM program is a very usable AIM client (and one hopes it'll soon be expanded to other services), and there are also a bunch of useful utilities. In particular, you'll probably want things like MobileFinder and SummerBoard to help you access your new software as you add programs.