Unrelated to climate change, Israeli and Palestinians just completed a meeting, chaired by the foreign minister of Norway, aimed at re-starting the foreign aid process to the Palestinian Authority in a post-Hamas era. At the post-game press conference, there's a remarkably nineties-esque spirit of cooperation. The Palestinian prime minister says the meeting was "quite successful," and Tzipi Livni used her opening statement to say she "would like to make it clear on the opening that the creation of a Palestinian state is in the Israeli interest" and that while the specific subject at hand had been improving day-to-day life among the Palestinians, but that Israel wants "also to help in building the foundation for the future Palestinian state."

Naturally, I agree. It's actually fairly remarkable, given the depth, duration, and intensity of the conflict, that there's very little in the way of objective conflict of interests between the parties to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.