Lightning Round

What does "time to turn the page" mean? Bushes, Clintons or both? "Ending the divisive politics..." i.e., HE WON'T ANSWER... "Turning the page means that we've got to get over the special interest driven policies that we've grown accustomed to." I'm loath to say that Obama missed an opportunity to be clear about what he means

Russert asks HRC the dynasty question. HRC, to applause: "I thought Bill was a pretty good president." But she's "running on my own."

Biden on MoveOn: "On some things, they've been positive... " But "It's not their party. They're part of the parties."

Dodd: Would he favor a temporary ban on all toys from China until we're convinced they're safe? "Yes."

Obama: Better to be in Washington trying to end the war than in Jena, but he has nothing to apologize for, he says.

Richardson: he'd rescind the Boy Scouts ban.