Labor Day: 10 More Questions

The Washington Post's Dan Balz asks and answers 7 questions about the state of the primaries. Here are 10 more?

1. Can Mitt Romney -- or -- any Republican disqualify Rudy Giuliani based on moral/social issues and/or his personal/professional controversies? If so -- how?

2. Fred Thompson: can he debate?

3. What final argument will Barack Obama make against Hillary Clinton?

4. Does John Edwards cling to his lead in Iowa?

5. Do Florida and Michigan matter to Democrats? Does Hillary Clinton need momentum from Florida to vault into Feb. 5?

6. As the Democrats begin to pay more attention to their races, does it benefit Obama? Clinton? Edwards?

7. What's going to be in Hillary Clinton's health care plan? Will it be more comprehensive than Barack Obama's?

8. What unanticipated, outside events -- Black Swans of politics -- will pop and change the dynamics of both primaries in ways one cannot anticipate?

9. Does the press pay more attention to the Democrats? If so, does that change the contours of the Republican race?

10. Mike Huckabee: does the Club for Growth matter? If not, is there anyone else on the Republican vice presidential shortlist?