American right-wingers should probably give some thought to the fact that even Americaphilic conservative politicians from Anglophone countries don't seem to share their perspective on world affairs. Here, for example, is Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper:

Unlike the U.S., Harper said, "Canada has no history anywhere in the world of conquest or domination. It's probably hard to perceive of Canada being in that type of a position."

In contrast, Canada is seen in the world as a "positive and non-threatening force," he said. "What my government is trying to do is to use those values to promote positive change in concert with our allies."

At the end of the day, this stuff isn't brain surgery. Use America's leading position in the world to contribute in a positive way to problems that people worry about around the world and you'll be liked. Use it to pursue a policy of conquest and domination -- not so much.