Here's What A Fred Thompson Robo-Fundraising Call Sounds Like

This audio recording of a Fred Thompson fundraising telephone call was passed along by a major fundraiser for Mitt Romney, suggesting that Thompson is prospecting for donors among those Republicans already committed to other candidates... just in case they're having second thoughts.

This is Fred Thompson. I'm privileged to be speaking to you today. I'm calling today to personally tell you that I am a candidate for the president of the United States, and now that we'm in, we intend to win and set a course for new leadership in Washington. We'll provide the type of leadership that will put power back in the hands of folks like you and most importantly reassert the conept that government in Washington is the surrogate of the people, not the reverse.The type of leadership that combines solid conservative principles with good old-fashioned, common sense.

One of the reasons I decided to seek the presidency was that I've been traveling this country, and I've been troubled to find that good people whp pay their taxes and play by the rules have grown weary and even cynical anbout the political process and the politicians we've sent to Washington.

It's a challenging time for our country, and the task ahead of us will be challenging as well. But with the help of the folks like you, we will make a difference. Now, if that sounds good to you,

I'd be deeply humbled and honored if you'd see fit and join our team and be a part of our campaign. I'm thankful for the time you've given me today, and I respectfully ask that you hold the line for a just a moment longer and one of my assistants will tell you how to join our team. Thanks for listening.