Giuliani's End Of Quarter House Parties: " It ain't over 'til it's over "

Mitt Romney has his Rally for Romneys, Fred Thompson has his... well, surely he has something, and Rudy Giuliani is employing the house party model to generate fundraising and political momentum at the end of the third fundraising quarter. giuliani.JPG

On Wednesday, supporters will host more than hundreds of house parties across the country. The goal, according to a campaign aide, is to "reach out to a different set of supporters who aren't necessarily part of the fundraising universe. These are the folks who are supporters but who don't attend fundraisers... maybe they've donated, but they are driven more by politics than anything else."

Giuliani will host a live, 15-minute webcast on Wednesday night at 8:30 ET and he'll attend a house party in New Jersey with Yogi Berra.

Party hosts will manage their fundraising tallies by logging on to Giuliani's website.