GI Fatalities in Iraq


Frank de Libero put together the chart you see reproduced above. It compared GI deaths in Iraq in any given month of 2007 to the deaths in the corresponding month in 2006. In summary, January '07 was deadlier than January '06. February '07 was deadlier than February '06. March '07 was deadlier than March '06. April '07 was deadlier than April '06. May '07 was deadlier than May '06. June '07 was deadlier than June '06. July '07 was deadlier than July '06. And August '07 was, well, deadlier than August '06.

That shouldn't come as a surprise, as the "surge" strategy specifically contemplated risking higher American death rates (and having Americans kill more people) in order to accomplish some larger political goals. Unfortunately, those goals weren't achieved so we just have more dead people.