Club For Growth Seeks Clarification From Giuliani On Social Security Tax

The Club for Growth wants to know whether Rudy Giuliani really intends to keep Social Security solvency tax hikes on the table. Responding to an AP interview where Giuliani "refused to rule out raising taxes to offset a Social Security short fall."

"Such an allegation, if true, together with your refusal to sign Americans for Tax Reform’s anti-tax pledge, casts doubt on your commitment to opposing all tax increases," CFG president Pat Toomey writes. "We urge you to explicitly rule out raising taxes as part of any Social Security remedies." Toomey ends the letter by seeking a "clarification" from Giuliani.

In the network of right-leaning interest groups, the Club has been particularly aggressive in publicly vetting the Republican presidential candidates. They've issued detailed white papers about the candidates' record on fiscal policy. And they detest Mike Huckabee; the feeling is mutual.