Climate Chance Legislation

Via Dave Roberts, the World Resources Institute's report on different pieces of climate change legislation in the pipeline that comes complete with this graphic representation (click for a bigger view):


As you can see, the best bill -- and the only one that can actually help stabilize the carbon situation -- is the Sanders-Boxer bill. Meaning that if a legislator who represents your state or district, or to whom you've given money or have any other sort of institutional tie to, is backing some other bill but not Sanders-Boxer, you have good reason to ask them why, if they're interested in doing something about climate change, they're not interested in signing onto a bill with a chance to succeed?

The good news, however, is that several more moderate bills have a similarly trajectory through 2020 or even 2030 so if the ultimate result (as seems likely) is for something more moderate than Sanders-Boxer to pass, the planet isn't doomed -- the law will just need to be amended down the road. But for a more moderate bill to pass, in practice, is going to require growing support for even more robust measures,