Bucks Not Bullets

General Petraeus is making the point that, contrary to some press reports (including commentary on this blog), the US Army isn't "arming" any Sunni insurgents in al-Anbar province or elsewhere. If he says so, I'll take him at his word. Still, we are giving them money. And since you can use money to buy weapons -- especially if the US military is smiling on your efforts to do so -- I'm not sure I really see the difference here. Moreover, Petraeus and Crocker are both bragging about Anbar Sunnis joining the local police force and presumably we are arming the local police force and given that Shiite militias in Shiite areas find it easy to infiltrate the local police there, it seems like the new, Sunnified Iraqi local police in Sunni areas are just going to be Sunni insurgent groups, but this time with uniforms.