Bill Clinton Addresses The Dynasty Question

On tonight's "World News" with Charles Gibson, President Clinton is asked about the politics of dynasty, as very deliberately raised by George W. Bush.

Gibson: President Bush recently, sort of mused about, about presidential succession. And said, huh, interesting, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. And used the word "dynasty." Is that good?

Clinton: In our case, I don't think dynasty is right, because, Hillary, will win -- have to win on her own merits. And I believe that, on the merits, I think she's the best qualified non-incumbent I've had a chance to vote for in 40 years as a voter…

The fact that we happen to have been married, I don't think should disqualify her…If you go out and you fight fair, and you win it on your own, that's not a dynasty. She gets elected this time, it's not going to be, you're not going out to vote for me for a third term. She's going to get elected, she'll be the President, she'll make the calls, the rest of us will have to do our best to help her succeed…No, dynasties are not good for America, but it wouldn't be good for America to eliminate someone in consideration, because of what their last name was.

It's her turn. Or is it?