Aqua Velva Power

OpenLeft's brklyngrl looks at the demographics of the GOP race:

In the Republican primary, ideology and partisan affiliation are major dividing lines that alter the dynamics of the race. Giuliani and Thompson are basically tied among Republican primary voters who describe themselves as strong Republicans, as well as among conservative leaning Republicans. McCain and Giuliani are close among independents who vote in the Republican primary. Additionally, the Thompson gender gap (widely reported) is worth keeping an eye on. In this omnibus survey, it is slightly larger than the Clinton gender gap, and in a recent ARG poll it was up to 30 points. It is bouncing around a lot, but I think Thompson will probably be in trouble in the general election if he can't even convince Republican women to vote for him.

Once again we see that actual women seem unmoved by Fred Thompson's alleged manly charms. Of course, with the Republican field it's still very hard to know how seriously to take levels of support Giuliani's getting from people who don't necessarily seem to be aware of his positions on the issue. The early primaries aren't so far away anymore, but something like "Rudy loves baby killers" is the kind of piece of information that can be disseminated pretty quickly.