YearlyKos And 2008 UPDATE

CHICAGO -- Here at YearlyKos, the Democratic presidential candidates are not so much courting the blogosphere as they are paying their proper respects.

None of the campaigns are hosting private blogger receptions, for example. Four campaigns have modest booths in the exhibit hall. (I originally saw only one -- Bill Richardson's -- perhaps I have a blind spot somewhere.)

Given that the McCormick Convention Center is two miles down the street from Obama's campaign headquarters, the Obama campaign is playing gracious hosts. Saturday, the campaign opens its volunteer headquarters for tours and on Monday, will even allow visitors into its national headquarters. Social networking is the technology a la mode this cycle, and Obama's campaign bragged in an e-mail that its 150K MySpace friends were more than any other presidential candidates. Ditto with its 115K Facebook friends. 4,000 Twitter users follow Obama, as do 29,200 event-demanders on Eventful. (Sorry, I don't know what that is.) The campaign was apparently also the first to be featured on, which is a community of online active baby boomers.

Most of the campaigns will be represented in some form or fashion on panels: the godfather himself, Joe Trippi, will work the crowd on John Edwards's behalf. Joe Rospars, Obama's New Media guru, is participating, as is Hillary Clinton's online strategy adviser, Peter Daou.