Worst Case Scenario


Like a lot of people, I've looked at the polls and been a bit distressed at the prospect of a matchup between Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. He is, I think, probably the Republicans' strongest candidate and she the Democrats' weakest. Giuliani's also the one I would least like to see be president. Chris Bowers compiled the most recent state-by-state polls, however, and came up with a map that underscores the fundamental political weakness of the GOP.

In short, not only does Clinton project to absolutely wallop Mitt Romney (it's a 430 electoral vote landslide that has Democrats picking up Texas, Florida, Virginia, Missouri, etc., but she even projects to score the solid win against Giuliani that you see pictured above. Obviously, one shouldn't draw any particularly strong conclusions from this sort of early polling (the campaign does, after all, matter) but both Giuliani and Clinton are widely recognized figures and one's sense is that additional exposure to the Real Rudy is unlikely to boost his popularity in noteworthy ways.