Who, After All, Speaks Today of the Annihilation of the Armenians

It seems that apologetics for killing Armenians is more popular in hawkish "pro-Israel" circles than I'd realized. American Enterprise Institute scholar and contributor to various publications MIchael Rubin condemnts Abe Foxman here for changing his view to the genocide happened position. He also links to a couple of articles published in The Middle East Quarterly which he edits that deny the genocide. MEQ, in turn, is produced by Daniel Pipes' Middle East Forum.

It bares mentioning that no less a figure than Adolf Hitler himself cited Turkey's success at evading accountability for what happened to the Armenians as part of his case that liquidation of European Jewry was feasible. Now, I doubt there's an actual causal link here (Hitler would have been Hitler either way) but it sure is an unseemly business. As I say, I don't begrudge the actual Israeli government its right to engage in some realpolitik here, but there's no reason for Jewish civil society groups to be going down this path.