Fred Thompson, in a letter to, signals that reforming the tax code will be one of his top priorities as president. Notice, though, that he doesn't exactly endorse the FairTax proposal, which would gut the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax.

Mr. Leo Linbeck, Chairman

Americans for Fair Taxation
Dear Leo:

I’ve appreciated seeing the Fair Tax folks when I'm out on the road, as well as their enthusiasm when they've come to my events. Although I wish they’d get my good side when they roll their cameras!

My staff and I have been working with Americans for Fair Taxation for some time now. We share the same belief that the next President should enact a fundamental overhaul of the tax code that makes it fairer, simpler, and more pro-growth. There are a number of ways to do that, and over the years I've looked at many of them.

Congress must begin a serious consideration of real fundamental tax reform, rather than nibbling around the edges. I think the principles and ideas found in the Fair Tax are a good place to start, particularly given the grassroots support it enjoys across the country.

Good luck in Iowa this weekend!


Fred Thompson

A rival campaign responds:

Fred Thompson Was For The Fair Tax:

Before He Was Against It:

Before He Was For It Again.

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