The Krauthammer Go-Round

Brian Beutler points out that TNR senior editor Charles Krauthammer is now accusing this ferociously pro-war magazine at which he got his start and which still now and again provides him with a platform from which to put forward his trademark combination of inaccurate smears and normatively repugnant views of being driven by a desire to find content that "fits perfectly into the most virulent narrative of the antiwar left."

At any rate, I've been torn by two contending impulses throughout this saga, and Krauthammer's attack leaves me shifting back toward my initial one, which was to find it amusing to see TNR ripped to shreds by the same pack of attack dogs they spent years egging on.

CORRECTION: Krauthammer is a contributing editor, not a senior editor at TNR. Contributing editor is basically a non-salaries honorific that some magazines, TNR included, hand out to people. I apologize for the error.