The Gates, Crashed


The best possible evidence for the idea that the revolution is, in some sense, over and the gates have been crashed is probably less the politicians who'll be coming later today to court the netroots than it was yesterday's Time Magazine party at Triad Sushi Lounge. It was full of completely establishmentarian people (including once and former key Clinton economic advisor Gene Sperling, pictured above talking to The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza) from the worlds of politics and the MSM chatting happily with people from the several different walks of internetdom: wonkosphere blog-pundit types like me, leading netroots activists, political staffers in charge of new media communications for sundry politicians and non-profits.

Not that anyone didn't know this already on some level, but it really was striking to get the visual of yesterday's gate crashers quite literally mingling with the dread establishment at a cocktail party. The question that nobody seems to know the answer to, though, is whether the revolution ended because the revolutionaries won, or because they sold out? The boring, but probably boring-because-accurate, answer is that it's a little of both.