The Fraud Caucus Continued

Am I reading this right? John Warner thinks we should bring the troops home from Iraq but "said he still would not support Democratic legislation championed by [Carl] Levin that would call for Bush to bring troops home by a certain date."

Now Warner has surely noticed that George W. Bush favors an open-ended US military presence in Iraq, and, in fact, believes that we never should have withdrawn troops from Vietnam. And Warner favors, in his capacity as a member of the United States Senate, giving Bush a free hand to conduct Iraq policy as he sees fit. Thus, if Warner gets his way legislatively, as many American soldiers as the Pentagon can logistically manage will be in Iraq in January 2009. Between now and then hundreds will die, thousands will be seriously injured, and hundreds of billions of dollars will be spent. Warner, unlike 99.999 percent of the American population, is actually in a position to stop Bush from carrying out his plan to prolong the war. But he intends to let Bush do it.

Why on earth, if Warner really does think we need to withdraw troops, does he intend to do that?